Ceros For Students

Design software for the next generation of digital creators

The world’s leading interactive content design platform, as well as the chance to participate in monthly design competitions.

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Hey @simonberg, Can you tell us more about your goals with this product?
@jacqvon Hey Jacqueline Our mission with Ceros For Students is to provide creative tools to up and coming design talent to enable them to create better content for the web - without writing any code. Our platform enables designers to create beautiful experiences for the web. Student members are given special access to the Ceros platform, provided with creative inspiration and design resources curated by the Ceros team, and can gain exposure to respected brands and employers through exclusive competitions and opportunities. And yes, we really are giving away $1000 every month and a chance to get your work in front of some of the World's biggest brands!
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I appreciate what you try to do with this whole „for students“ thing and pushing the creative community. But „the worlds leading design platform„ ?! How many active users do you currently have?
@janosspindler Hey Janos, appreciate the feedback. At it's core, Ceros is an enterprise product used by hundreds of brands such as United Airlines, Vice, Red Bull, GE etc to create interactive content. Whilst we're certainly not the biggest product in the world for design specifically, in terms of our user base, we have a large marketshare in interactive/experiential design for enterprises. Hope that helps!
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@jack_dixon thanks for clearing this up! I‘ll give it a try :)
This is an interesting initiative! But I always wonder, do you offer anything for designers to train on your platform? Like a trial with training or something like that? Many clients have considered getting Ceros, but it's hard for me to promote it when I haven't had the chance to interact with it. I would like to come up to them and say that I know how to use it and how to make the best out if it. I think that might help with the sale too.
@jack_dixon Looks like a great product. But I read somewhere that when students get jobs, the cost goes from free to $3,000/month. Is that correct?