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Product support & documentation in one easy to use web app


With just a quick photo of a product label, and within 24-48* hours Centriq pulls together user manuals, how-to videos, parts & accessories, and provides access to service providers. It even checks all your products against recall databases and notify you if there’s been a safety recall on anything you own.

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Matt Huebert
Daniel Klopfenstein
Dennis Heihoff
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  • Dennis Heihoff
    Dennis HeihoffFounder, Vimsical

    No paper manuals! Digital catalog of the things you own. Can prevent catastrophes w/ notifications for maintenance and product recalls


    Still in the early adopter phase

    Centriq is like a medical record for your home. It notifies you when your stuff needs maintenance or if the manufacturer recalls it. When something breaks you can get DIY repair instructions or a professional at the push of a button. If your home is damaged or you're selling it you can report not just the 4 walls but everything inside. I like that in particular because it disincentives short term thinking–using cheap parts to build and sell a house that looks good on the outside but crumbles inside.

    Disclaimer: I work on the Machine Learning Centriq uses to identify your products.

    Dennis Heihoff has used this product for one year.
  • Matt Huebert
    Matt Huebertprogrammer

    easy access to manuals/replacement parts


    please do not use Internet Explorer

    I also helped build this app (in ClojureScript). Having spent several years of my life as a nomad, I don’t like keeping paper manuals of stuff I buy. I think having a single place to keep all that info, + automatic links to replacement parts or fixit-guides, is a useful thing and much better than typing arcane model numbers into manufacturers websites every time you need to look up a manual or part.

    Matt Huebert has used this product for one month.
  • Shubber Ali
    Shubber AliManaging Director, Innovation

    makes keeping track of my home super simple!


    i had to wait so long for something like this...

    I wish when i bought my latest home it already had this - so much i had to learn all over again that the previous owner already knew, and it gives me all the manuals, part #s (with links to amazon!), and i can even store receipts and video notes for things to remember...

    Shubber Ali has used this product for one year.
  • Imani Lea Brown
    Imani Lea BrownProduct Manager

    Easy to use. Great information. FREE.


    It doesn't make your coffee for you.

    I have used this app for over a year and I've added all of my power tools and appliances. Any time I need to figure out how to change an obscure battery, replace the wire in my weeder, and of course, order a new water filter for my fridge, I've finally gotten in the habit of saying, LOOK IN CENTRIQ. Its all there.

    Imani Lea Brown has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    Centriq is awesome. All my user manuals on my phone. And it's FREE. Plus it does lots more - you can store paint colors, receipts and more


    The app on mobile devices isn't as good as the web app yet (but you can open the web app on your phone until the mobile apps are updated)

    This is such an awesome product. And it's FREE. Every time I have to do something around the house from my "honey do" list, Centriq saves me time and money. It's like a digital user guide specifically for my home. It takes just a few minutes to add all your basic stuff (with just one photo each), and then you have all the manuals and other support materials for your stuff on your phone.

    Scott Barrett has used this product for one year.