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Helen Crozier
Helen Crozier@helencrozier · technology mentor
Everything is fine at Evernote - yes there have been some changes but it remains a solid product and I believe will continue to do so for some time.
Michael Sher
Michael SherMaker@michaeljsher · Co-Founder, Centrallo
@helencrozier Yea, no one is implying that Evernote is going anywhere. They have a solid support base, but I can tell you that many of their power users have real concerns on many fronts. We built the import wizard to help their users organize notes into structured lists that can be easily shared or posted publicly.
David Carpe
David Carpe@passingnotes · Thinker & Layabout
I don't get any sense that Evernote is going away, tried notable on Mac and iOS and was really not pleased, and went back to Evernote...this looks really promising though - but need a Mac app - to clarify: is iOS password protection a core free feature or is it premium? if it is not free, then you're leaving upgrade money on the table...
Leandro Ardissone
Leandro Ardissone@leech · Software Developer
It looks like exists thanks to Evernote existence. They mentions Evernote in every place they can. I would try to focus on show me the magical features that makes it unique.
Ben TossellHunter@bentossell · newCo
I'm sure many of you have seen the articles circling Evernote with Phil Libin leaving as CEO, job losses and un-focused projects etc. It may be one of the unicorns that disappears!! I still try to use a note app and the one I tried most with was evernote. I wanted to be the kind of person who was organised through evernote haha. But when these new note apps come out that look so much better I'd like to get my previous data over. Centrallo can help :) I'll be interested to see when I become a note-guy and what app is my go-to. Yes I've tried Wunderlist and all the alternatives. Check out their video:
@michaeljsher tell us the story here :)
Ryan J A Murphy
Ryan J A Murphy@ryanjamurphy · Student?
@bentossell What are the note apps you've tried? Curious about your other experiences!
Ben TossellHunter@bentossell · newCo
@ryanjamurphy wunderlist, todoist, apple notes, paper 3.0 - I just cant get into the habit haha
John Alexander
John Alexander@johnalxndr · Growth @ shoflo
@bentossell I have the same problem and have tried all of them. I still keep falling back to apple notes
Michael Sher
Michael SherMaker@michaeljsher · Co-Founder, Centrallo
@johnalxndr @bentossell It really depends on your workflow. Centrallo definitely is geared toward the super busy person who blends personal and professional life and who wants to make sure that anything important gets put somewhere - then organized and/or searched for super quick access.
Ryan J A Murphy
Ryan J A Murphy@ryanjamurphy · Student?
@bentossell Interesting that you're combining todo apps and ubiquitous capture apps – I put them in completely different categories. Todoist works for me for the former (very well, although they could do more for power users!); Evernote and OneNote vie for my attention in the latter. If I were you I would separate out your goals: if you want to capture all things in a place, that's a different goal than a todolist/organizer. To each their own, though! As an aside, Centrallo looks a lot like Workflowy (https://workflowy.com). Might be worth your attention.
Frank Meeuwsen
Frank Meeuwsen@frankmeeuwsen · Community Architect
Curious to see what happens if I import my 7000+ Evernote notes into Centrallo...
Michael Sher
Michael SherMaker@michaeljsher · Co-Founder, Centrallo
@frankmeeuwsen Should work fine provided that the enex file does not exceed 500MB. That's our limit. Next week, we are increasing it to 5GB.
Lauren L Perfors
Lauren L Perfors@laurenlperfors · President of Lawton Digital
@frankmeeuwsen How did it go, Frank? I tried to import 2 different notebooks. One had 75 notes, the other had just over 400. The 400+ notebook had serious lag issues after Centrallo said that the import was complete, and so far the lag doesn't seem to go away. As soon as that is fixed, Centrallo seems awesome, but I need import to work without the notes lagging afterwards in order to be able to functionally use it.