Evernote import wizard. Organize, prioritize & create lists



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Helen Crozier — technology coach
Everything is fine at Evernote - yes there have been some changes but it remains a solid product and I believe will continue to do so for some time.
Michael Sher — Co-Founder, Centrallo
@helencrozier Yea, no one is implying that Evernote is going anywhere. They have a solid support base, but I can tell you that many of their power users have real concerns on many fronts. We built the import wizard to help their users organize notes into structured lists that can be easily shared or posted publicly.
David Carpe — Thinker & Layabout
I don't get any sense that Evernote is going away, tried notable on Mac and iOS and was really not pleased, and went back to Evernote...this looks really promising though - but need a Mac app - to clarify: is iOS password protection a core free feature or is it premium? if it is not free, then you're leaving upgrade money on the table...
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