Your service for custom dashboards.

A service for custom dashboards. Fill your dashboard with widgets. We are releasing new widgets every couple of days.
Currently, we already developed some widgets for iCloud Photos, Google Photos, Weather, iCal and JSON with a simple template engine and more.
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3 Reviews5.0/5
Is it possible to create multiple boards (like 10 or so) with just a single account?
@kevin_kub Thanks for your question! Yes, you can create multiple dashboards and the best is you can reuse widgets on each dashboard. For example if you create a "Calendar Widget" you can embed it on each of your dashboards and you only have to configured/updated it once.
If you have any questions about centralboard just ask me here or on twitter.
What sets this dashboard service apart from others?
@lethinium Good and fair question. First we put our focus on usability and simplicity. Most of the B2C & B2B Dashboard Service are for experienced users and not for the normal user of the web. Not everyone is a programmer and knows how to set up a "widget". So we make each step really simple. As a bonus, we have split dashboard and widgets, so you can use one widget on multiple dashboards.
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