Cemtrex Smartdesk

The world's most advanced workstation

The Cemtrex SmartDesk is the world’s most advanced and fully integrated Windows workstation. You can scan, call, conference, wirelessly charge your phone and control your content with just the wave of your hand - every work want and need within arm's reach.

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I got to try the desk at their nyc location. I never thought I would want to work at a desk again after working remotely for 3 years but this desks gave me a reason to setup an office again.


It’s the iphone of desks.


I don’t own one yet.

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We're glad you enjoyed your SmartDesk experience, Jeff! Modernizing your idea of a workspace is our goal.
That's funny, because it charges my Galaxy Note9 just fine.
Hi there fellow hunters, I'm the EVP of Sales at Cemtrex and product lead on the SmartDesk. We built this fully integrated workstation because workplace technology has fallen behind the times. Your home is smart, your car is smart, and now so is your workplace. The SmartDesk runs on Windows 10 Pro and offers a ton of hardware that helps you work smarter -- including 72 inches of touch screen, built-in/wireless scanning + phone charging, and a motorized sit/stand desk. We’ve also built a layer of software to help you manage your content more efficiently, including touch and touchless gesture control. We’re going into production in September, and began taking preorders in June. We're excited by the traction so far -- including orders from United Airlines and VMWare -- and are eager to hear what our fellow product enthusiasts think. If you're interested in pre-ordering a Smartdesk yourself, we've created a discount code for fellow hunters (freeinstall) that will give you free shipping and white glove installation. If you’re in or near NYC, we would love to give you a demo in our showroom. You can schedule a demo here: https://smartestdesk.com/pages/s.... We’re here to answer any questions you may have. We’re excited to hear what you think!
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