On-demand Smartphone repair service

Curious to see how they differ from iCracked. Are your tech superheroes contractors or independent business owners? What makes your product better (besides price)?
CellSavers is an on-demand repair service that’s like an Uber for smartphone repairs. CellSavers connects users with technicians that will come to them and repair a broken battery or a cracked screen.
Pricing looks competitive and glad to see they appear to serve Boston
@jydesign Follow up - while their website explicitly states that they are in Boston (http://mycellsavers.com/boston) and let me go through their entire flow, I was then given a follow up call saying they were not actually in Boston yet. That's pretty poor UX and it consumed about 10 min of my time. Not a huge inconvenience, but I think they should be more honest about their current market-coverage on their website.