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Hi guys, a few months ago I set out to build a web version of Jasonette (Another project I’m working on) and started looking for a web app framework to build upon. But after trying out all the options I came off dissatisfied with all of them. Some of the reasons were: 1. They are too complex: There are too many things to learn and understand just to use a framework. I didn’t want to become a slave to a framework, especially when I am trying to use it to build my own framework. 2. They are too difficult to use: Nowadays it’s impossible to build even a simple Hello world web app without going through whole slew of things unrelated to the application logic, such as dependency management, code compile, build, transpile, etc. I wanted something very simple. 3. They all have rigid architecture: All existing frameworks pretty much have the same paradigm. They are in one way or another variations of MVC (Model View Controller), maintaining a central structure that controls the entire app. I was trying to build something that can be completely decentralized, so I couldn’t depend on these frameworks. My goal was to make something that’s extremely easy to use, easy to understand, and extremely flexible and modular. Since I couldn’t find a solution, I decided to build one. This new approach makes it significantly easier to build web apps as well as maintain them. To see what I mean, please check out the demo page https://play.celljs.org to try some examples. Those are completely interactive (and the page itself is built with Cell!) so you can even try building your own custom version directly from the demo page. I will be here to answer any questions, feel free to ask!
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You have crazy output, @gliechtenstein. Great job, again.
@mattahorton Thanks! 🙌
@gliechtenstein looks awesome !
@jack7kim thanks man! 👊
@chrismessina I spent a lot of time on those, perhaps as much as the code itself 😂 All the gifs are lifted from actual demos over at https://play.celljs.org/
@gliechtenstein I could tell! Nicely done!