Celery Launch

Crowdfunding without Kickstarter or Indiegogo

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Hi guys, co-founder of Celery here. We're excited to announce Celery Launch, the best way to host a crowdfunding or pre-order campaign on your own site. If you're a hardware startup looking to make your campaign pop, check us out. You can use Celery Launch for your campaign, and it seamlessly transitions to pre-orders and ongoing commerce. We wanted to offer a special deal to Product Hunters too. Tweet us (@trycelery) or email us (launch@trycelery.com) and we'll make sure to set you up with $5,000 in Celery Launch credits. Let us know what you think!
@christsai anything for current customers?
@chrismessina Definitely! Just let us know the email of your Celery account, you can send me a note at christopher@trycelery.com
@christai — how do you suggest companies transition their ecommerce footing once they've launched? Celery seems great for pre-orders, but what about ongoing ecommerce selling after the pre-order phase has concluded?
Check out our TechCrunch coverage here: http://techcrunch.com/2015/08/26...
@chrismessina Great question! Celery supports crowdfunding, pre-orders and ongoing commerce, so it's easy to accept regular orders after you complete the pre-order phase. For example, switching from pre-orders to regular orders is often just a matter of charging buyers immediately (instead of a delayed payment) and updating your purchase flow to indicate that you're shipping now (vs. shipping later). Our e-commerce backend platform (customer + order management) handles the rest for you
Looks great! Going to see if this is a good way to help bootstrap our new app!