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A social network for inner development & self-discovery

Ceekr is an Internet-Universe of Seekers, Teachers, Institutions and Masters to live, connect and grow online.

It is a medium to help people improve their lives through inner development, discover new knowledge, find their tribe, and go deeper in their journey of self-discovery.

Be a part of the global seeking movement, join Ceekr!

  • Pros: 

    - Caters to all the content types at one place

    - The idea of seeking inner development through different kinds of topics is greats


    - The section for discussion can be more interesting and inviting

    Since this app is basically is a link sharing platform, it can become a huge repository of knowledge, bringing together the ideas and opinion of different minds at one place, which often gets lost on the internet.

    Aakanksha Jha has used this product for one week.
  • Pros: 

    - Clean Interface

    - Deep Content

    - An Interest Based Community.

    - Variety of Masters and Institutions.

    - Searching of content is easy.


    - Discussions can be improved.

    - Not able to see who all friends are active.

    A great platform for people who wants to learn new things about self.

    Parth Saxena has used this product for one week.
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Shamini Gairola
Shamini GairolaMaker@shamini_gairola16 · Hacking Growth at Ceekr
This is Shamini from team Ceekr saying hi to all the PH people! Let me brief a little about Ceekr to you; Ceekr is a global social network dedicated to inner wellness and a positive space for users to connect, share information, and access knowledge from each other. We believe that Inner development is the only way in which people can achieve sustainable improvement in life while being in harmony with family, community, nature and the universe. The Ceekr app enables its users to - Form new communities and connect with more people globally, - Post and discover content personalized to their interests, - Save knowledge and build their own wisdom library, - And is easily accessible from their browser, phone, and desktop, anywhere across the globe. We are dedicated to constantly improve the seeking experience of our Ceekrs. Your feedback matters to us and I will be happy to answer questions. :)
@shamini_gairola16 Thank for such great insights. Its a very beautiful idea and has kept me hooked with the content it has. Also the community is so active and aligned to seeking. Loved it!!
Shamini Gairola
Shamini GairolaMaker@shamini_gairola16 · Hacking Growth at Ceekr
@new_user_224c60a34c Thank you for your kind words. :)
Halim Muhammad
Halim MuhammadMaker@haliminfinity · Lets decentralize this world!
Hey PH'ersss, We built Ceekr as a place to cut out the noise in the internet, a place where we could foster a community of seekers engaging in a pursuit of becoming a better version of themselves. All of us are makers and during our journeys, we realised, the inner psychological battle in our own minds is as unnerving as the external battle of our day-to-day lives. There are things that you need to work for your own self - perfecting your decision making systems, conquering your inner fears, taking stock of things that makes you anxious, your relationships with people around you, being more empathetic, being more compassionate . Everybody derides it, nobody values it, but it is the most important thing that you can do for yourself. We built Ceekr, with the aim to help ourselves in this journey of trying to understand our inner self with the help of ancient texts of Bhagvad Gita to the modern day theories from research by Cognitive Scientists. On Ceekr, you will find deeply researched articles, curated videos as well as be able to engage in meaningful discussions with other seekers.
Gurgen Hakobyan
Gurgen Hakobyan@gurgenhakobyan8
Good luck on your project guys!
Shamini Gairola
Shamini GairolaMaker@shamini_gairola16 · Hacking Growth at Ceekr
@gurgenhakobyan8 Thanks a lot :) Team Ceekr wishes the best for Lightr Smart Charger as well!
sandeep khokher
sandeep khokher@sandeepkhokher · Tech Enthusiast
Amazing concept!! Must one to have in today' fast pace life to rejuvenate yourself and to attain incremental piece. Content is deep; once you start using it, you can not get your hand away from this.
Shamini Gairola
Shamini GairolaMaker@shamini_gairola16 · Hacking Growth at Ceekr
@sandeepkhokher Thank you for your kind words sir. We hope to deliver more in future. :)
Really cool project @haliminfinity! I have always believed that India being home to the seekers of the world and tech, should have produced an app like this. I think personal improvement through seeking is such a powerful emergent behavior of our times that it will have few very cool apps fulfilling the need. Headspace, Mindvalley do come to mind but I think your community centric approach is unique. Wish you guys all the success!