CDN performance and uptime statistics

CDNPerf is a free service to analyze and compare the performance of commercial CDN providers. All data is based on millions of real user metrics (RUM) and pulled from the commercial service PerfOps via their API.

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Jake Crump
Head of Support at Product Hunt
Hi @jimaek! Could you tell us a bit more about this product? What made you want to build it? Who is this product primarily aimed at?
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Dmitriy A.
Founder at Prospect One. CDN expert
@jakecrump Sure thing. It all started with I built it for myself a long time ago because there was no way to compare the performance of DNS providers. People showed lots of interest in DNSPerf and after that I realized that the CDN industry has the same problem. So we built a whole platform that collects billions of benchmarks from real users on all CDN providers. And of course we made most of the data available for free at CDNPerf to satisfy the need for an independent reliable service that will allow everyone to easily compare CDN providers without relying on their marketing and sales promises. Its targeted to all CDN users. We made sure everything is easy and simple to use. For CDN experts and CDN providers we have a professional tool available at
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Great Job! Just wonder how these performance are measured?