Personalized cryptocurrencies delivered to your door.

CBlocks.io is making it way easier for people to get involved with cryptocurrency without have to break the bank. If you found yourself saying "Man if only I had put in $100 when my friend said to..", then this is the best way to get started. We take care of the hard work and hand deliver a physical crypto wallet with funds pre-loaded.

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Auston Bunsen
@firstround by day / @quiknode by night
For anyone wondering exactly how it works: 1. We've got a script that will pick 5 random crypto's from the top 300 on coinmarketcap.com. 2. We then generate paper wallets using an offline PC & transfer them to a USB. 3. Next, we delete the wallets from the PC. 4. We buy the coins at market on whatever exchange we find them on. 5.Then send the coins to the public addresses for each of your wallets. 6. Finally, we send you the USB in a nice collectors case with a sheet of paper explaining your cryptos! We were inspired by this awesome site: http://cryptoroulette.info