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Thanks for posting Peter. If any of our customers are lurking here and have product ideas, you can also submit them here - https://www.cbinsights.com/resea...
Congrats on the launch! How come it's not distributed through the App Store and it pops a warning about being from an "untrusted developer" on launch?
@giordanobc The app is only available to our paid customers and so is not being distributed via the general App Store and this is why you get the warning. We should have put a note on the page to that effect and will do that now. Sorry about that.
@asanwal got it. Since you guys are really great in sharing free data and information, what about a free tier where users can access your newsletter content or other free research? That would allow for App Store distribution (and be pretty cool and useful)
@giordanobc it's something we're definitely considering. Avoiding app store review policies enabled us to get this out sooner which is 1 reason it is only available to customers. We also wanted to gather feedback from paid customers who have early access and who will be using it in the wild before opening it up further. Love the suggestion and the CBI love you always show us on Twitter. Thank you.