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CBD Map was created for anyone who is eager to live a healthy and holistic lifestyle. CBD Map made it safe and easy to access the true benefits of marijuana with legal CBD products.

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It's going to be cool to see the tools makers build as this industry grows! Out of curiosity how did you source the locations or is that a secret?
Thanks for the support @aaronoleary . No secret here - actually all of our locations are organically sourced. We want to find shops that are the right fit for our platform and users. More to come soon!
Very cool app, as I often use this drug https://www.marijuanabreak.com/how-long-does-cbd-stay-in-your-system. I have too stressful work and this tool perfectly helps me to deal with stress. Now wherever I am at work, even if I am not in my own country, I can find this drug for myself. Thanks you!
This is an awesome app ever, I usually use some from https://cbdessence.net/?a_aid=up.... There was the time that I was in serious depression and you may have no idea what I endured. Now I find my drugs easily and this app helped me a lot! Thank you very much!
It is really wonderful to find CBD product by using these filters. I have found THC free distillate which really done job for me and I am inspire enough to made my health great.