Caylent 2.0

Fully managed Docker Swarm in your own cloud.

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Kevin, thank you so much for this 2.0 hunt. Caylent is a container management platform that helps software teams deploy containers, clouds, and microservices. We're a converged solution that lets Devs and Ops easily collaborate and deploy infrastructure and containers inside their own cloud provider. We re-built everything from the ground up around Docker Swarm, which is a fantastic container orchestration engine. There are a ton of new features in this 2.0 release: - Support for Microsoft Azure (experimental) - Continuous Delivery tags and regex patterns - Independently autoscaled Docker Swarm master and worker tiers - Ability to create teams and invite users (experimental) - SSH User Access Management via Github - Support for DockerHub to pull down private images - Improved UX with a brand new quickstart 'App Wizard' and lots of tweaks - Many, many more We're still in beta and it's totally free to use right now. Happy to answer questions from the community.
Love the product and the team. Congrats on 2.0!