Caviar for iOS

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I didn't realize Caviar wasn't already on mobile/iOS until today. More recent on-demand food delivery services like Sprig and Spoonrocket were mobile-first. I try to stay away from these apps and stick with Instacart-powered, at-home eating. It's usually healthier and cheaper. :)
@rrhoover I'm a huge Instacart fan, but I also use Sprig, Spoonrocket and Caviar when I'm feeling super-lazy. Caviar is very expensive, IMHO, but it's the only way to get delivery for some of the restaurants it serves.
@rrhoover Yes, but Instacart can't deliver FreshRoll in about an hour.
All I can say is FINALLY! Although, to be fair their latest mobile re-design did make it significantly easier to use.
Don't forget Postmates, which is already on Android and iOS and delivers anything within 1 hour for very reasonable rates. Why would you want to use Caviar over Postmates?
I've been using Caviar in SF for while now. I often go back and fourth between Caviar and Postmates, and the two have long displaced Seamless and GrubHub as my go to. Up until several months ago, my decision of which to use was dependent on what screen I was in front of when hunger set in. I admire Caviar's recent foray into mobile. They took their time yes, but the result was worth waiting for. They did well to extend their aesthetically pleasing dish photography to their app. This isn't easy to do. It's easy to brush off as a nice to have instead of a must have. Elegant, intuitive and great performance. Nicely done.