Turn your phone into a breathalyzer

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What if you need a quick estimate of the alcohol level you are going to get while drinking? We got you backed, with our free app you can keep track of what you are drinking so the app gives you the approximate alcohol level based on the drinking timeline, weight, and gender. We are also launching soon a crowdfunding campaign on a breathalyzer device, but we wanted to give the free app first. 😺🍻 We know is early in the week but give it a try... and go home PH! Thanks @chrismessina for Hunting us. Hope you all give us some love and some feedback.
After so many hours of coding, and so many headaches... Feels so good to finally be presenting a product that people use and enjoy Check out the app and give us some feedback
Bodacious! Please add one more feature - "Tap the app, get a DUI Attorney" :-)
@reno_web_design Right next to the Tap the app to block your outgoing calls and texts :)
@leonfhl xexe... in your next venture, please create quick estimate of the "Marijuana High Level App". Bay area folks will find that app useful :-)
This is a really great idea that will hopefully save lives.
@zacharykd Thanks, Zachary! Having a positive impact on the world is what moves us and inspires us. :)