Catz LED Night Light

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Is this supposed to be an original, innovative product? It's on Taobao for under 10$ USD...
@kjessiet Product Hunt is confusing nowadays.
@livejamie Quality control should be looked into 🤔.
@kjessiet @livejamie Why is this? Definitely innovative. Look at the technology. You can buy things, from multiple brands, and suppliers, for different amounts. This is retail. Denim Jeans can cost you $15 at Old Navy or $1,500 at 7 for all Mankind. Guess what.. They are both 100% denim jeans.
@kjessiet this dude is just testing out a product from Aliexpress - look at the store it has no common theme - its all aliexpress products...
@rickats I looked earlier and was just 🙃 Love the nicked Aliexpress images too. 👌🏼
Looks like this is dropped-shipped from Aliexpress :) - just read the shipping FAQ not really sure why this is featured?
Only $15!? I'm buying one for myself and a few as gifts right meow.
@rrhoover Well, the actual price is $10:
@alihassanm110 @rrhoover I bought one for a friend in Shanghai back in December. How it ended up on PH is 🤔
@kjessiet @alihassanm110 @rrhoover "US orders usually take between 12-20 days to arrive at your specified destination"
@rrhoover I have a few of these already, they're so cute in person!
@rrhoover I bought mine off Amazon, though.
Since when PH promotes cheap chinese mass market?