Instant Spotlight-like search for your web browser.

Do you use your web browser a lot? Do you usually have dozens of tabs open, bookmark pages or watch videos online? Cato is for you! The power of dozens of extensions with just one.

Cato is lightning fast, intuitive and customizable⚡

Press Ctrl (or) Command + J to open the extension, navigate with arrow keys & press Enter to execute a command 🚀

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@nivo0o0 - thanks! I'm been sending this GIF to lots of folks =)
I already use Vimium, so I don't see the need for this - for me.
@erickbarron86 - vimium is a great chrome extension for content navigation on the web! Though it only has some of the action Cato offers. Cato is intended for a more broad audience and has a lower level of entry for usage. DIfferences Cato vs Vimum: ------------------------------ - If you know how to type into a google search box, then you already know how to use all of Cato. Vimium has a steep learning curve (depending on who you ask) with all of the commands you need to learn to use it - Cato has built in fuzzy search. So you don't have to worry about typing the entire name of an action, bookmark or tab correctly. With Vimium you have to be very precise with the name of the tabs or bookmarks your searching, which offers a less great user experience for the user. Cato VS Vimium search GIF: - Cato uses the same fuzzy search engine as the Atom text editor so it's fast and intuitive. - With Cato, you only need to remember one keyboard shortcut to launch it and use it. You can even call it by clicking the icon, if you don't want to remember any shortcuts at all too. With Vimium you need to need to learn dozens of shortcuts. - Cato can be used on ANY webpage, tab or context in Chrome. I couldn't use Vimium while typing in this text box. Vimium can only be called and used from regular web pages. So if your looking at an empty new tab, the settings page in chrome or any URL with "chrome://" you can't call or use Vimium to change tabs, find text on a page or any other feature it offers. - The entire Cato extension lives in a background script, so the app doesn't get injected into the webpages that your viewing like Vimium. As a developer, this means you don't have to worry about Cato manipulating the DOM or doing anything strange. I work a lot on the Frontend and I've had other Chrome extensions inject code into the web pages I'm viewing and break or hijack event listeners in my app. This can be easily resolved by disabling the extension, but with Cato you don't need to worry about that.
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@cliffordfajard0 haha, yeah - I don't even remember all of Vimium's shortcuts. Okay, cool - I'll give it a shot and then decide if I should make the switch. 😎👆👉
@cliffordfajard0 best response from a maker I’ve seen. Explanatory, descriptive, yet completely sensitive to the makers of Vimium and original commenter
@cliffordfajard0 This is how you talk to users! Great explanation, excellent visual aids, and respectful to both the user and other applications. 11/10
Interesting... I could see this being a time saver for me. I'll try it out :)
Hi , loved this. Can't you make cato search websites or links listed in our bookmark section as well? Thank you