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Matthew Sullivan
Matthew SullivanMaker@matthewmod · Founder, Cathod TV
Thanks for hunting us @andrewett! Hello PH! We created Cathod TV out of a frustration with the current state of streaming movies and shows. Where is that movie streaming? What’s good on Netflix? What was that movie my friend recommended? Those were questions we were constantly asking ourselves. On Cathod, you can search for any movie or show and we’ll tell you where it’s streaming. You can also see what your friends are watching and talking about, save the shows you want to watch later in one place, and we’ll tell you when they’re available to stream if they aren’t already. Can’t wait to hear what you think!
Steve Dimmick
Steve Dimmick@thedimmick · Co-Founder, doopoll
Cathod is Welsh for cats... A doff of the cap to PH from a Taff in the team?!?!
Paul Warren
Paul Warren@khal_paul · CEO, Unboxd
How does this compare to or Always looking for decent rec engines ...
Matthew Sullivan
Matthew SullivanMaker@matthewmod · Founder, Cathod TV
@khal_paul The 3 of us are definitely working on similar problems. At Cathod, our goals are focused more on connecting people around the movies and shows they love in order to drive conversation. In our early testing, talking about the movies and shows has led to the best recommendations hands down. When you like, watch, review, a show on Cathod, you’re essentially starting a conversation. Over the next few months, we are going to be doing even more to help foster and let those conversations grow. We would love any feedback you all have and how we can keep doing a better job at that.
Gareth K Thomas
Gareth K Thomas@garethkthomas · Founder of Made Clear.
Would this work for the UK? Or is it just US-based for now?
Matthew Sullivan
Matthew SullivanMaker@matthewmod · Founder, Cathod TV
@garethkthomas The source linking only works for US based services at the moment.
Levi Bostian
Levi Bostian@levibostian · Indie Android & iOS developer.
Have to ask, what is the purpose of 90% of this app? The value here is that I can find where a movie/TV show is streaming. I personally do not see a purpose of using the other functionality of the app. Why did the team decide to include this?
Matthew Sullivan
Matthew SullivanMaker@matthewmod · Founder, Cathod TV
The streaming guide portion is definitely useful but it’s not the whole story. This project was born out of a love for movies and TV, and a frustration with the current recommendation engines. Our goal at Cathod is to help you stop scrolling and start watching faster. The first way we solve this in real life is by making lists of the things we intend to watch. The problem we saw there is those lists have become scattered all over the internet and in our notebooks. So we made a place to keep those lists. In terms of getting good recommendations, from our research and personal lives, we were already solving that problem by simply talking with our friends at work, parties, posting on Facebook, etc. Cathod is trying to organize those conversations into a place that’s ready for you when you sit down on the couch. Would love to hear your thoughts about how we could better achieve those goals.