Share your story with complete anonymity

Cathartic exists because people sometimes take years to raise important personal issues. You can post anonymously, and gain access to resources that can help.
@therealsjr Thanks for Product Hunt London today, was an awesome experience!
wow, this is super intruiging
@bramk try it out :-) If you have had something that has been troubling you the benefits of sharing are amazing. Even if it's not something huge it's good to share.
The design looks clean and elegant. The concept of being able to share story anonymously without judgment or pity is fascinating.
@leasemolina Thanks! We have had some amazing results already.
Really interesting idea and I can see how it would indeed be cathartic.
@arron_dean the crazy thing is as I am a techie putting the product together was the easy bit, deciding on a name cathartic was tougher than expected, but we are happy with cathartic, it fits perfectly :-)
We have just updated our network configuration, if anyone using Tor to access you will be automatically forwarded to our Tor proxy http://hs6b6ejk5zkbtamr.onion , it's exactly the same site just a little quicker.