Caterpillar App

Turn any movie into a full language course

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John Omar
@johnomarkid · https://www.caterpillarapp.tv/
Hey PH! Caterpillar team here (@johnomarkid and @kiikoblak). We're language polyglots and techies, so we put our passions together to create a better way to learn languages. Questions are welcome!
@lyondhur · SM UX/IxD Designer ProdDev & Scrum Coach
I used to teach English Spanish and Portuguese when I was younger to try and pay the bills. This is exactly what I did to advanced and intermediate students. This is a great great project. Congratulations and best of luck.
Luis Miguel Pena
@luismiguelpg · Ideologic.do
I love the idea! The OSX App is well designed. I would recommend to invest some time in adding more content (Open Source or Paid) to the App because it is kind of a hustle to upload a video file + Subs. This functionality should be an optional feature not the main one. The first thing your users should see are starter videos (Just click and Start Learning) n… See more
Daniele Ugolini
@ugolino_me · Founder of Craftain.com
Great concept. I actually mastered english trough movies and ted talks and I wish I had Caterpillar. I'll try it for my next language...