CatchUp Calendar

Plan and schedule meetings and events easily ๐Ÿ—“๏ธ

CatchUp is a simple, easy to use and fully featured calendar and event scheduling app that allows users to create, send and manage phone number based invitations, and organize daily schedules.
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I think focusing on phone based contact is interesting because there are always people in our social networks who don't check email frequently. Does your app copy events into existing calendars e.g. Google Calendar or iCal @vamshifriend?
@abadesi We are deliberately not copying our events into device calendar. But we enabled device calendar events in CatchUp!
Seems FANTASTIC, but sadly I cannot install on my Android phone. Maybe due to geographical restrictions.
@javiernei I apologize. But this app is available in India, USA, Canada and UK as of now. We will be expanding shortly to other geographies.
This looks super useful! You might want to consider posting it on as well :)
@reshma_ajith I tried doing it. But application is crashing once i submit the product. Tried it multiple times but did not work. If you can do it, I request you to do it on my behalf for CatchUp!
Oh, sorry about the inconvenience:( Can you go ahead to post through this form instead -