An iPhone game you play with your tongue

CatchFlake is a game, which you control with your finger and your tongue.

CatchFlake connects the classic type of control via your fingers with the use of your face to control the game.

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2 Reviews5.0/5
Looks fun. If it would integrate with AR and you could catch actual snowflakes on your tongue, I think the kids would love it Not sure what would keep them coming back though, maybe Snapchat like filters where you can play as characters? Best of luck!
Hey @gpmcadam, thanks a lot for your comment. The AR idea sounds definitely like a lot of fun, maybe I will check that out ;) In CatchFlake users can unlock new faces to play with by collecting more and more snowflakes. Later CatchFlake will include missions to finish in order to unlock new faces as well. Greetings