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Hi Hunterz 👋We are finally LIVE on Product Hunt 😻A couple words about our new side project. CatchAR is a curated directory and hub where users and developers can share and discover best Augmented Reality apps, campaigns and lenses 👓Our main goal is to help build and grow AR community faster ⚡️

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Hey guys 👋and thanks to @bentossell for hunting us. Our names are Dan Zaitsev & Andrew Bekh and two of us have recently launched our new side project. Let us introduce CatchAR - a showcase and directory of Augmented Reality apps, lenses and campaigns. 🤔 Problem? 👉 Augmented Reality market is relatively new and undeveloped, which tremendously complicates user adoption of any product which belongs to this segment, no matter how astonishing it actually is. 👉 Too many users don’t understand how to use AR apps and which target images they should scan to unlock AR content. 👉 Additional problem that you may encounter when it comes to Augmented Reality projects appears when you have created AR experience or campaign by using 3d party AR builder or app and you need to come up with a way to promote it. 💡 Solution So, we decided to build a curated directory (similar to AppStore) where Augmented Reality developers, companies and startups can submit and promote their AR projects. In addition, they can educate end-users how to get and use their campaigns, lenses or apps. We also tried to add some cool useful features, for example: ❗️Submission of AR projects, apps and lenses is free ❗️Contribute and submit AR projects through a specially designed form which is super easy to fill ❗️Get and scan markers / target images to unlock AR content directly on project page ❗️Quickly download iOS or Android apps to your device through QR codes You are welcome to submit your AR lenses, apps and campaigns related to HoloLens, Magic Leap, ARKit & ARCore, Vuforia, Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram. It’s free! 📣For Product Hunt community we have prepared a nice special offer (40% off on promotion), check our website to learn more. Hope you will like it and enjoy ❤️ - Thumbnail credits: Cat by: Dilectum Illustration Mixed reality glasses 1: Microsoft HoloLens Mixed reality glasses 2: Magic Leap
Always interested in AR applications. This is a great hub!
@masternihongo Thank you so much for your feedback. Yeah, I will continue to-do my best to grow this community.
Augmented reality is the inevitable future! And this decision brings us closer to this future. Here you can find many solutions for entertainment as well as for business and everyday life! This is really cool! The developer has tremendous respect! Guys, you make our future more interesting!
AR LIST! Nice!
@andreyazimov Thanks Andrew, appreciate your feedback!
Thought this was CAT AR. Disappointed to learn it's not about cats 😞
@austin_federa Hah, you can find some AR projects related to cats through our directory. We used catcher and changed the last letters.