Video updates for product teams

Catch is a video messenger for teams at work

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This could replace IRL daily standups for distributed teams. Cool idea, @ryan_dewsbury and @alfredqy. 👍🏼
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@rrhoover Yes! That's our status update story type. Thanks for the compliment Ryan
@rrhoover @ryan_dewsbury @alfredqy Great idea for remote teams!
@rrhoover @ryan_dewsbury @alfredqy love this product, great idea!! 🔥🔥🔥
Thanks for posting Eric. Alfred and I have been working hard getting the Catch mobile apps to this point. We’re excited to get feedback from our friends on Product Hunt. A little background on why we’re building Catch: - We value extreme focus with our work but find most communication tools are interruption based. Chat notifications, text, phone calls, meetings being inserted into our schedules. - We’re startup guys but have worked in a larger tech company after an acquisition and found that distributed offices, remote work, and dealing with timezones significantly reduces the amount of authentic communication hurting our team’s alignment, identity and culture. - We’re inspired by innovations in consumer technology, in particular the stories format which keeps people connected with minimal friction or interruption. We have big things planned but we’re excited to hear what you think about Catch so far and where you think we should go.
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To give an example here's a shared page for our Launch Day story:
@ryan_dewsbury congrats, guys! any plans on building integrations into other employee communication / project management platforms?
@shanndfox Nice talking with you today. I hope I answered your question in person. The answer is yes. We have plans on integrations. We currently have a simple Slack integration that will allow your team to be connected on Catch without any setup. We're planning other integrations to help make richer stories. Your idea about getting catch into existing workflows makes a lot of sense. I sent an update to our Launch Day story here:
@ryan_dewsbury sounds great! excited to watch this evolve :)
@ryan_dewsbury You should get this on your website somewhere. This is awesome.
Avoid excessive email, meetings, or chat using the story format of communication. Easily exchange video updates
Catch is awesome. Love how frictionless it is and how it facilitates hi-fidelity conversation. You can record a video much faster than you can type - especially with all the spelling mistakes I make on mobile (!%@# auto-correct!). And.. we recently had a key member of the team move down to SF. Both the frequency and quality of communication fell right off a cliff. Seeing his updates on Catch for the first time brought back that feeling of in person conversations in hi-fi.
@austintam Thanks Austin. That's great to hear! We put much effort into making the video creation as frictionless as possible. I'm sure there's even more we can do so keep sending us the awesome feedback.