Cat Panties

Witty, provocative and comfy as hell.

The online concept store for cat crazed people Katt. has teamed up with the lingerie company Lickstarter to proudly introduce you their pussycat panties for girls with tremendous sense of humour. Witty, provocative and comfy as hell.

Lickstarter is a small company from Riga, Latvia which makes playful underwear for women who like to play with boundaries. Pussycat panties are made to last - carefully crafted, machine printed, sewn locally by experienced seamstresses, using only cruelty free fabrics. Liega Zelgalve, founder of Lickstarter is a graduate of Riga School of Arts and Crafts and an experienced textile print expert.

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Founder & CEO, Hustle Crew
Times like this I wish I could upvote a product more than once @bregt 😻
Darina AlekseevaCommon user
Looks so fun and provocative :)
Jonathan ZhanFounder, Chaotic Good
Hell being, of course, widely noted for its comfort. 🤔