Cat Lady Box

A monthly box purrfectly curated just for cat ladies

Hi everyone! I wanted to just pop in and introduce myself a little better. :) Hi, I'm Dorian! If you do a google image search for "real crazy cat lady", you'll see my picture. True story. At this point I wear it like a badge. But the thing is... I'm not crazy! And neither are cat ladies, for the most part. With CatLadyBox, one of my biggest missions is to help bust the crazy cat lady stereotype. We're not crazy, just crazy about cats. I truly feel that if we could kick the negative connotation to the curb, more people would want to adopt cats -- and more lives would be saved. The items CatLadyBox will feature are going to focus on independent and smaller businesses and artists. It's not stuff you'll find in a big-box store. We're going to scour the interwebs for the greatest cat-themed things, and deliver them to cat ladies all over every single month. We want to share things that anyone would be proud to show off, and when they do, the rest of the world can start to see just how many cat ladies there are, and how not-crazy most of us are. Aside from stereotype-busting, my other main mission is to help make more of a difference in cats lives. Rescue has always been a huge part of what I love to do, and through several campaigns and projects I've started up, we've saved more than 450 cats from our local kill shelters in the past two years alone. Through CatLadyBox, I want to do even more! So we are donating a portion of our revenue to cat rescue organizations each month. For June and July, our beneficiary rescue is Good Karma Pet Rescue of South Florida -- great people doing some really amazing things! I hope you'll support us and help spread the word. Surely everyone has that cat lady friend who could use such a cattastic subscription box, right? I mean, it's a subscription box FOR CAT LADIES. I haven't done a complete check yet, but I'm pretty sure this officially means there is now one for everything. :) Thank you for taking the time to read through this and let me share! I would love any feedback and am happy to answer any questions. Thank mew! --Dorian
Love the idea - would be great to see pricing earlier (IMHO pricing is fine, just wanted to see it on the homepage). As you're in USD I'm guessing you ship just to the US.
@almackin Thanks, Al! That's great feedback, and definitely something we'll test!
@almackin Oh, and US and Canada for now. Hopefully expanding soon!
What about for men? My husband loves our cats as much as I do...
@annebot It's something we've definitely thought about. Not just yet, but possibly one day! :) Cat guys are the best!
Cratejoy is just the best isn't it? ;) btw....instant buy for my fiance.
@itsthisjustin Yes, we love it so far! Amazingly helpful and a great platform so far. Four paws up! And thank you! Hope she loves it, and loves you even more for it! ;)
@doriandelasol Haha, Great to see you on Product Hunt!
@lombardinelson Haha! Yes! So fun to be here! :)