Cat in the Box

Unique cardboard box toys for cats

"422,000 YouTube videos can’t be wrong: cats like boxes." there's research to prove it, too.

Cat in the Box was founded by Dawn, an animal lover and mom of two, who wants every cat to play in a box that adds fun and colour to their owners home.

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Cat product on product hunt? All aboard the hype train!🚂
My kitteh upvoted this. The post gave him great paws. It was a purrfect fit. IT'S THE CAT'S MEOW GUYS I'M SO SORRY
@pe_feeds I bet he thinks this product is the cats whiskers 🐱
My cat wants one really badly now, just need to convince my wife first 🤐
@vesln In our household, the pets usually rule.
Hi @dawn_weisenberg_lafontaine I'm super excited feature your product in our community today - please tell us more about what inspired you to create Cat in the Box. Do you take custom orders? I think there's opportunity for you to co-brand designs with companies like us and Amazon, that would be fun.
@Abadesi Thank you so much for your help with this. As you know, I'm a middle-aged mom of two so this platform is new to me! I got the idea for Cat in the Box after visiting my mother's catsitter and finding her otherwise lovely living room cluttered with old Amazon boxes. "They're for the cats," she'd sheepishly explained to me. I know why cats like cardboard boxes (there's actual science behind it; see my website for details), but why do cat owners put up with dirty, ugly cartons in their home? Why not clever, fun, and highly Instagram-able cardboard boxes, that can be disassembled and put away when you have company? Anyway, that's the idea behind Cat in the Box.
@abadesi I love the idea of co-branded designs!