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Cat in a Flat connects cat owners with trusted and insured cat loving sitters in their area. Our mission is to help cats stay in the comfort of their own homes while the owner is away.

Cat sitters get to spend time with furry friends and not have to worry about pet bills or long term care, and best of all they get paid to do it!

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I am Kathrin Burckhardt co-founder of Cat in a Flat. Together with, Julie Barnes, we had the idea a few years ago to start a Cat Sitting Community when discussing our respective cat-related holiday quandaries while still working as a creative team for London-based agencies. We know just too well how painful it can be finding a perfect sitter for your cat (sorry, your baby). You're quickly running out of thank-you gifts for friends and neighbours, but you really want someone you can trust.... That's why we set up this community to socialise and breathe some life into the traditional pet sitting industry with the mission to help cats stay in the comfort of their own homes by connecting cat owners with trusted, local, cat-loving sitters Each sitter can define their own price and offer house visits or/and overnight stays. Most sitters have been, or still are, cat owners themselves and know just too well, what it means being away from your little fur baby. So finally, cat owners in the UK, Dublin, Amsterdam and Germany can rely on a huge cat-loving community to meet their needs as cat owners with no more stressful trips to the cattery Help us make the world a better place – for cats and humans =^.^=
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@ksburckhardt Hey there! As a Crowdcube employee, and an investor in CIAF, it's great to see you trending on product hunt. Well done!
@ksburckhardt So so awesome. I'm a huge cat lover, and would love to housesit awesome cats around the globe. Been working on a home sharing / hospitality exchange product for a couple years, and would love to chat further sometime.

We would really struggle without CIAF. Thank you so much for this wonderful idea & service!


Don't have to bring our cats to a cattery. Found an amazing member of the community who loves looking after our cats.



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Thanks, Andy, for the great feedback, very happy to hear that =^.^=
This is great! Trying to find out if you are available in my area.

Am a catsitter on the platform. It's really great. I'm not in a position to have my own cat, but thanks to Cat in a Flat it's really easy for me to help others care for theirs which solves their need for a cat sitter and addresses my missing of cats after growing up in a house with them. Great job!


Easy to use. Quick payment. Communication with cat owners easy


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@ksburckhardt Hey Kathrin! Really like this, we have 3 cats and started using a cat sitter rather than catteries a couple of years ago. Are you able to share some more info on how you vet the cat sitters once they've created a profile?
@alanmmurray Absolutely. Every sitter has to fill out a detailed application form with a proof of address. We manually check every applicant. Some submit a police check, which we check, others request an on-boarding call which gives us the opportunity to get to know them in person and run them through our service. CRB checks and on-boarding calls get featured separately and owners can filter accordingly. Each profile has a "starter pack" with useful tips and advice. We encourage the approved sitters to join our private cat sitter FB group. In here they share experience and advice. We also encourage the owners and sitters to review each other to keep a transparent and vetted community.