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Castup provides professional audio and video editing services for Podcasts starting at 40¢ per (published) minute.

We are Podcast lovers and our mission is to make sure Podcasts take over the world by helping Creators publish well-edited content. 🎙💛🌎

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­Anmol Parashar
­Anmol ParasharMaker@parasharanmol · Product Guy + ...
Hola, Product Hunters! I'm just the guy that made the website, and wrote the copy for it. The true team behind the service is 5 super hard-working people who have been editing Podcasts for the last four years. 📖 Story time My cousin, and his friends had been working as audio/video editors on a site that shall not be named for close to seven years, but found their niche (Podcasts) four years ago. They had been doing well, but all of a sudden they started seeing way less sales than they were getting, and their account was temporarily suspended. I suggested they break out on their own, took care of the tech/marketing side, and here we are. 👀 Where are we Well, we just launched, but the guys are already working with a few clients from the site I didn't mention above. We kept the Pricing similar to what they were offering before, because we eventually want to bring our past customers under the Castup umbrella, who are used to our pricing. We have different Pricing plans, that we think would be a fit for everyone (even startup!) 📢 The future We want to keep on adding new Podcasts to Castup, eventually be confident enough in the business model, and have them quit the other site whole together. We've launched a few things to make sure we get there fast enough: - The Free Edit Program, under which we're offering to edit one episode for Podcasts at no cost. You can learn more about it here: - The Affiliate Program, under which we'll pay up to 15% in commissions if a Podcast you introduce to us joins the Castup family. You can learn more about it here: PS: @rrhoover We'd love to help with @producthunt Radio! 📻
Carlos Branco
Carlos Branco@carlos_branco · 12 different projects in 2019
Amazing idea! love it
­Anmol Parashar
­Anmol ParasharMaker@parasharanmol · Product Guy + ...
@carlos_branco Thank you, Carlos! 😻
Jeremy Corman
Jeremy CormanPro@jeremc · Founder of Gatekeepr
Hi, Which languages can you handle?
­Anmol Parashar
­Anmol ParasharMaker@parasharanmol · Product Guy + ...
@jeremc Currently, we can only work with the English language, and the reason for it is Transcription, which is an important part of the Editing process
Paul Higgins
Paul Higgins@paul_higgins · Tech evangelist
Cool idea. Will check it out. Podcast and video editing. Like it.
­Anmol Parashar
­Anmol ParasharMaker@parasharanmol · Product Guy + ...
@paul_higgins Thank you 🙌 Let me know if you have any questions?
Khuram Malik
Khuram Malik@khurammalik · The Strategist
Do you have specific requirements regards how good the quality of the audio must be before you can edit the audio? I normally just do facebook lives from my phone and then edit and clean the audio and throw it onto soundcloud.
­Anmol Parashar
­Anmol ParasharMaker@parasharanmol · Product Guy + ...
@khurammalik We don't have any requirements as such, although we do think the quality of the recording itself is pretty important as to how the end result might sound. That being said, we do help with noise reduction, and deliver the best possible version we can!