Podcasters-only networking platform! Speak on other's shows.

Collaborating with another podcaster is the best way to grow your show - CastSpot helps streamline the process by connecting you with others who want to make a guest appearance (or vice versa).
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That’s an amazing idea. I had the same concept for webinar collaboration a while ago, especially for b2b marketers.
Hi! Super excited to launch my first product on here. The idea came to me when I was trying to grow my first (failed) podcast project. I realized that having guests that are competent at making conversation, confident, and possess the necessary equipment to ensure good sound quality was a very important aspect of creating an entertaining show. But where to find such guests and how to ensure that the people I invited possessed these abilities? It would require a lot of work and long vetting processes. This was hard enough, but I also had trouble increasing the exposure necessary to gain a following. That's when it hit me - by getting podcasters to speak on my show, I'd be hitting two birds with one stone! And I'm not the only one who realizes this: collaborating with other podcasters has long been echoed by various successful hosts as one of the most effective ways of gaining subscribers from the increased exposure and credibility, with the certainty from listening to their previous audio that they will be a good conversation partner that fits your own topics and personality. CastSpot is designed to help here in several ways: - A quick and simple RSS based host authentication process keeps non-podcasters out and ties accounts to the podcasts they own, ensuring that everyone you connect with is actually who they claim to be - Share your contact details with podcasters looking for guests through two clicks. Your contact details are only shared with the host and never publicly like on other directories, so you don't have to worry about confidential information like your email or chat usernames getting leaked to unwanted parties - Create general or detailed guest postings for your show, detailing what type of guest you are looking for. Simply wait for applications to arrive in your email inbox. I hope to connect with some fellow podcasters soon, lets grow our shows together!