Castro 3

Queue-based podcast app updated with trim silence, chapters.

Castro 3 brings silence trimming, robust chapter support, an Apple Watch app, and per-podcast settings like intro skipping. Its queue-based take on podcast listening feels as intuitive and polished as ever, and the new optional Plus subscription should help keep development moving into the future.

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3 Reviews5.0/5
Everything I love about Castro and so much more. Excellent.
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@elsattar should get an iphone x just to check it out :D
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@rayishan totally, it's especially beautiful on it. The taptics are so addictive and the UX details delightful!
@mijustin Looks like podcast apps and SAAS are big right now :)
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@przemekmroczek I love what @padraig and @prendio2 are doing with Castro! 🙌 The triage system is especially timely. People are subscribing to so many shows; having a "smart queue" for new episodes is something that's really needed.
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This is one of my favourite podcast apps!
I think that “now playing” screen is kind of a design downgrade compared to 2.0 version. But still - I like the app a lot.
This has become my favorite podcast app by far now. I absolutely love this app.