Castro 2

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Popular podcast app Castro gets a complete makeover with version 2. Two years in the making, it introduces the concept of triage - as the site states: "Triage allows you to scan new episodes and decide whether you’re interested or not." Nice!
This looks amazing! I love podcasts but I hate getting one hour in and feel like this was a waste of time. I'm a big fan of a good preview and being able to tell if it's worth the time! Awesome job @padraig & @prendio2! 😊🙌
Fantastic app, and has some useful inovative features not found in any other podcast client, that help you triage new episodes and stay on top of the ones you really want to listen to, no matter the number of subscriptions. What I would like to see is an iPad app, trim silence and smart speed (this is becoming the standard for good reason), artwork on the play screen and some tweaks that I wrote the developers about. Even if you aren't into podcasts that much, the design is splendid as with all Supertop apps.
@bojanspaic which other Podcast apps have smart speed? I currently use Overcast but i'm still looking for alternatives. Thanks!
@jameswahba PocketCasts was updated recently with a new interface, smart speed and trim silence (much smarter options than mere speed adjustments, and would fit perfectly with Castro 2 method of playing podcasts). Nice design on the iPhone, the iPad app looks like an afterthought.
Thanks guys, delighted for our app to be featured on Product Hunt 😄 We've a short trailer at that might be a good intro to the app for anyone who hasn't tried it out yet.
Quite a change from Castro 1, but I'm enjoying it. I've tried a few other podcast apps over the last couple years and always come back to Castro. Takes a bit to get used to the UI with a lot of swipes and almost hidden functionality, but it's a solid update. I wish they would bring back the patronage model too. Even at $6.99 in Canada, I feel like I'm stealing this app that I use for hours and hours each week.