Pull data from databases directly into Google Sheets

#4 Product of the DayMarch 12, 2020
Castodia lets you connect to your database and pull data directly into Google Sheets, in just a few clicks. Easily search tables, select/re-order columns, filter data, and load it into Sheets. Getting Started video here
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Hey guys, Ayazhan here and cofounder of Castodia. We’re really excited to share our creation with you! A lot of care, love, sweat, and tears went into building it. We had to learn a new way of writing JavaScript (the App Script way). We then had to master the way of serverless architecture and the whole AWS stack to ensure seamless communication between our backend and add-on client. We also had to fight for our spot on the G Suite marketplace through strictened Google’s verification process. Because we pivoted mid-February, we only had one month to build something people want. We interviewed a bunch of people and settled on solving the problem of making company’s data accessible to non-technical teams. So what you see in front of you started as a hypothesis a little over 4 weeks ago. Everything, starting from the idea, the design, UX, the code, and all the media content, were produced by 2 guys sitting in their apartment and fanatically working for 4 weeks straight. And not just any weeks, but the weeks of Corona! Hope you guys like it and we really hope that this is something you want! :)
Hey Product Hunt! We’re Jimmy and Ayazhan, founders of Castodia. This is our very first ever PH post! We are super excited. We noticed that many sales, marketing, and support teams have trouble getting data for analysis. They ask developers to help them export data from the database and often have to submit follow-on data requests because they forgot to add a dimension needed for analysis. Even data scientists at big companies like Facebook still use spreadsheets as a step in their data analysis workflow. While they can usually pull data for analysis themselves, they too export data into CSV and then open it in a spreadsheet but this means that their data doesn’t update and the process has to be repeated each time. To solve this problem, we’re launching Castodia, a Google Sheets add-on that connects to databases and allows searching through tables, filtering/ordering data, and then loading it into Sheets directly. We also allow for data refreshes for any saved query, so all calculations and pivot tables update with the latest data from the database. We’ve built our first integration with Postgres and testing integrations with MySQL, MongoDB, and public datasets. We plan to add integrations to more data sources, including data warehouses such as Snowflake and BigQuery. Our vision is to give the 1 billion spreadsheets users more powerful tools to do data analysis in their favorite tool. We’d love to hear about your data analysis workflows, the tools you use to do this, and any problems you’ve had getting data for analysis. To celebrate our first PH launch, for a limited time, we’ll be offering the Product Hunt community a 50% discount for the first 3 months for our Basic Plan. Just fill up this form and we’ll get you set up
Love this! I have experienced this problem while working with large datasets for machine learning, and I wish something like Castodia existed at that time with its slick UI. Excited to see what’s next!
@prasadkawthekar Thank you. We'll keep you posted! For large datasets, there's currently a limitation with Google Sheets at 40k rows. We will be working to come up with a back-end solution to be able to handle more data.
Really love this solution, my non-technical coworkers have especially said the same! Some points left here too on your landing page too that are hopefully useful!
@tom4 Thanks!
Intuitive interface and a powerful tool. Will save countless hours. Wish this existed when I started writing queries!
@seankaiser Thanks for your feedback Sean!