The easiest way to protect your users from getting hacked

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Thanks Justin for launching Castle to the world! Hi Product Hunters! Johan, co-founder of Castle here. Castle protects your users from being hacked. You track events in your web and mobile apps, and we analyze device, location and usage patterns to make sure they are consistent for each user. You’ll get a Slack notification or email when a user acts out of the ordinary, e.g. they log in from a distant country, repeatedly fails to log in, or change their password from a recently added device. Use the dashboard to see live user activity, and filter on properties like Tor, proxy or bot-like browsing. We have lots of plans for improving the product: more 3rd-party integrations, built-in 2FA/captcha, Gmail-style login notifications. Would love to hear your feedback! Product Hunters get 50% off your first 6 months! Cheers!
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@brissmyr great stuff! reminds me a bit of but applied to security. Do you track users across your entire customer base for even deeper analysis, or is there a wall between each customer?
@jmonegro Sift Science is awesome and we're really inspired by how they transformed the anti-fraud tool into something modern and easy to use, both for customers and developers. Castle looks across sites for patterns of whats normal globally e.g. in terms of browsing speed, browser configuration, number of IPs per user, etc, and then use those anonymous stats to find anomalies in each app and user account.
If I ran a startup today, I would use this and sleep better at night.
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@sama You already are. In fact you're running the ultimate startup :-)
Met these guys about a year and a half ago. @brissmyr and his co-founder are really nice and sharp entrepreneurs.
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@kheldon thanks, your too kind!
Wow, fantastic idea. With startups growing so fast and often under resourced security often isn't prioritised, certainly not enough to build the kind of security and alerts the likes of Facebook and Google have at their disposal. If this is as easy to integrate as it looks then this is a big step in the right direction!
@_jamesmundy Thanks James! What we've seen is that startups actually care about security but time isn't allocated. We thought we might be able to hack this by making it dead simple to get started with the analytics part and gradually expand into further integrations, notifications, rules etc as you see results.
We've been using Castle for a while now at Naritiv and we love it. It makes it super easy to understand user signup and flow, devices they're using, and keeping our users' security in check. Great job @brissmyr and @jimtegel on the launch!!