Find and advertise with podcasts that your audience loves πŸ’˜

CastChamp helps you find and advertise with podcasts that your audience loves πŸ’˜. Pitch to the podcasters for an interview you or to run an ad. πŸŽ™οΈ
Tell us about the audience you want reach and we’ll send you a list of podcasts with audiences that match! πŸ“₯
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Been excited to see this launch from a good friend of mine, Anthony. Podcasts are becoming all the rage and I'm increasingly interested in both new approaches to advertising and growing access to large datasets. Amazes me the kind of tools available to new marketers that I didn't have even 5 years ago - time moves fast!
2019 is the year for podcasts and we are so excited seeing so many emerging podcasts with a myriad of fantastic contents, creating value for different communities across the globe. We want to help podcasters to monetise their work easily so that they can stay focus on content creation and continue working on what they love. @antdke and I have been talking about entering this space for months and we think we might have something here. We are here to learn and here to listen, so let us know what you think? Looking forward to working with our PH community!
I tried 2 cards, can't seem to be able to join
@gallodasballo Hey, thanks for trying out the product! Let me try to help you get on board. What do you mean by "2 cards"?
@gallodasballo Hi, could you send us an email at so we can help you with this issue?
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