Kickstarter for podcasts

Interesting. Quick solution to what the "startup podcast" @Gimletmedia could use. The UX around customizing the theme needs more work. imo
Nice, quick solution.
I wish this could work, as an avid podcast listener, and a co-host of I think there's too much friction, and podcasts are "too free" right now to try to expect to monetize from listeners. I'll give you an upvote, though, anyways :)
@rywalker I would agree that the expectation of monetization for podcast isn't a given, but there are a lot of podcasts making decent (but not livable) income off of Patreon and other platforms. As far as this product goes, it's simple enough, if your strategy is simply "give us money every month" but I think it lacks the flexibility for the people that want to offer incentives/patron benefits.
Thought this was going to be a way to propose a podcast and raise money to start it after I hit a revenue threshold. It's more like "Shopify for Podcasts" not Kickstarter. Unless I am missing something. Also - think about autoloading the icon in the theme customizer section, would help find colors to use.