Cassette v2

A voice recording app built for sharing

Cassette is a newly designed audio recording app that lets you collect moments and memories with people you want on tapes. Family, friends, a partner, or even a pet! You'll have so much more memories.
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We have been thinking about how to easily capture and keep our daily lives. As a solution, we launched Cassette app in November of last year that allowed sending voice back and forth. However, there were some inconveniences and the recording time was short. We’ve entirely rethought everything about voice recording based on user feedback. Now, without further ado, we’d like to introduce the Cassette’s newest feature, Cassette Tape. Add blank tapes on Cassette and try to collect moments and memories with people you want. With each tape, it is available to use alone or with up to five people all in one place. Family, friends, a partner, or even a pet! By redesigning an intuitive voice recording app, We’re hoping that you could have so much more memories vividly. Have any suggestions? Comment below and make this app better for everyone. Thanks.
I'll look forward to the Android app.
@new_user_c7fb3f3ec1 Thank you so much! 👍
@jennysmith1310 Thank you so much! 🙏

Can't use/recommend it at the moment but this has immense potential if it can be focused on security.


Nicely done. Simple, objective and practical. It's a pretty cool take on a saturated environment. Quite like it.


The TOS need A LOT of work (English not probably first language? Totally fixable). Security?

Thank you for leaving us a good review. I'll try harder to focus on security. 🙏
Can't fully recommend or use it at this point. However, it's a very nice concept, with enough effort in materialising it. There are quite a few problems with the TOS and, in my opinion, not enough clarity about the privacy of data/recordings. Who can/may access it, where does it live, encryption, etc. It seems English isn't the developer's first language perhaps? Which is totally fixable. This precise format can serve a large portion of the population and if it can effectively focus on privacy (transparent and real) it can go many places. Private audio bits, with controllable sharing functionality and heavy focus on security -- or micro-casting as I call it -- is a space waiting to be taken by the right solution. Please don't stop developing it. Great job so far.
@lyondhur Thank you so much for taking a closer look and commenting. I'll take a quick look at what you've mentioned. We will try to make Cassette a better app.