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The best way for designers to record & share user interviews

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Hey Product Hunt Since we first announced Cassette last year (, we've been testing the product internally, with help from many of you in the Product Hunt community. Today, we're releasing Cassette 1.0 for iOS on the App Store. Cassette is the best way for designers to record & share user interviews. With almost no overhead, you can record, transcribe, and bookmark key moments in user interviews – and share it all with your team. The app was designed by designers from Stanford and UCLA Cognitive Science in collaboration with David Kelley (cofounder of IDEO and The team has worked together in the past to build Funder ( We are passionate about helping people become more creative. Cassette is designed with a lot of clever scaffolding to help rookie designers become better at their craft. It's also a powerful tool that lets expert designers focus on interviewing and not have to worry about notetaking. We hope that this allows designers to get out of the building more often and talk to real users instead of having to worry about scheduling with a notetaker. You can try Cassette transcription for free on your first conversation (up to 30 minutes). Can't wait to hear your thoughts, Angad PS you can tweet us at @CassetteTech or email me
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@preetangad this is awesome! What were some of the most surprising things you guys learnt from your beta testers?
@preetangad This is *exactly* the tool I've been searching for to streamline my podcast production workflow at Heavybit. I write down interesting quotes, production issues, curse words, etc. while recording shows live to speed up the post process. I've used pen and paper, iPads, iPhones with external keyboard, laptops etc. to catalog this information w/ rough timecode. None of these are perfect though - they're either too loud and come through the mics, too slow and imperfect, or require an additional step of copying everything into google docs. Being able to simply add a bookmark that's time stamped and that optionally includes a transcript is going to save so much time pulling quotes and selecting edits, while also bringing hosts closer to the process. Having a transcript finished at time of recording will also save time and money on the back end where I transcribe our shows. I'm curious if you can provide or re-format the raw transcripts in other formats than txt, more specifically in .ttml?
@sebfeed When we first launched, we had a pay as you go model where you paid a flat rate for each minute you transcribed. After talking to 100s of users, we decided to switch to 3 monthly subscription plans. This allowed us to make transcription 3x cheaper than before, and now up to 30x cheaper than manual transcription services.
@tedcarstensen Wow thanks a lot for those kind words. As a designer myself I saw the pain point and also noticed that many designers are still using a combination of paper, physical audio recorders, manual transcription and designated notetakers. While you can use Cassette in addition to any other tool, we think you'll quickly be relying completely on Cassette. We designed it to work completely handsfree but also gave a bunch of neat features for power users like yourself. For now, we only export the transcripts in plain text. I wasn't familiar with .ttml but we'll take a look at it and try to add it. However, we'll soon be releasing a web-dashboard that will let you review all your recordings, transcriptions and notes on a desktop. We think you won't want to export files out of Cassette at that point since it will let you do search across all your content and jump to different parts of the audio in a flash. I'd love to hear what other ideas you have as a power user for making the product even better.
@preetangad looks neat bud!
I've been interviewing college students recently. I could have used this last week. 😊
@rrhoover Dang! We would've been happy to send you a testflight build. Do try it on your next interview/important conversation and let us know what you think.
@rrhoover same here, although not college students, was interviewing practitioners and this would have been handy
@joelle_writes @rrhoover there's always a next time.
Beautifully executed app. I love the color coded bookmarks. I can also see a lot of use for this app by people outside the design community as well, such as Journalists!
@abbysingh Thanks for the kind words. Would love to keep hearing your thoughts as you use the app.
@abbysingh I was thinking the same! I think I'll use it to record interviews at MWC!
@ijaack94 Thats awesome. Please let us know how you like it and do spread the word. Thanks!
@ijaack94 We've just announced Cassette 2.0. Would love for you to join the discussion there.
Wow, looks beautiful and really useful. In your beta testing, have you seen people use Cassette for something other than designer user interviews? This seems like it could be used much more broadly for taking meeting notes, journalism, podcasting, etc...
@kleneway Yeah we've heard from tons of people including journalists, podcasters, executives and salespeople. As designers ourselves, we think the pain point in user interviews is the strongest, but we of course want people to use the product in as many different ways as possible. We'll soon be adding even more features to help people in other roles use Cassette as part of their existing workflows.
@preetangad Awesome, thanks! And congrats on the launch. 🙌
@kleneway Thanks for the kind words!
@preetangad @kleneway I was thinking the exact same. I totally understand laser focus on target customer. Though, one option very close to the target customer is qualitative moderators in the market research industry. They spend tons of time spend sifting through audio files and transcription costs are a big part of their costs. Same idea as UX/UI/Design reviews, but just applied to different categories and biz objectives. The Cassette design is also clean and clear - not at all intimidating. You're definitely onto something.
@the_mw @kleneway Wow thanks so much for all that encouragement. Would you be able to help us reach that audience?
Great product! Love it
@tony_freed Thanks a lot! Please let us know your thoughts as you use the product.