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Hey Product Hunt I'm really excited to share early access to Cassette, just for the Product Hunt community. Cassette is the best way for designers to record & share user interviews. With almost no overhead, you can record, transcribe, and bookmark key moments in user interviews – and share it all with your team. The app was designed by designers from Stanford and UCLA Cognitive Science in collaboration with David Kelley (cofounder of IDEO and The team has worked together in the past to build Funder ( We are passionate about helping people become more creative. Cassette is designed with a lot of clever scaffolding to help rookie designers become better at their craft. It's also a powerful tool that lets expert designers focus on interviewing and not have to worry about notetaking. We hope that this allows designers to get out of the building more often and talk to real users instead of having to worry about scheduling with a notetaker. NOTE: If you mention PH in your invite request, we'll bump you to the top! Can't wait to hear your thoughts, Angad
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@preetangad Hey, Angad – congrats. It looks like a well-executed app that could help many speed up their participatory research workflows! Many including ethnographers, who might be another audience you want to target in the future. As an aside: who's your biggest competitor in this space, do you think? LiveScribe pens afford a related (but different) functionality – are they it?
@preetangad I couldn't find a way to mention PH in the invite request, but I'm really interested in testing this app. Bump me up!
@preetangad Angad I'm assuming this will launch for iOS? Seems that many here are just excited about the idea of voice transcription in an app on their phone...
@preetangad this app sounds great! Mentioned PH under company- hopefully that will work for the bump
@preetangad Awesome work! I know lots of alumni and students from the Design MBA program at California College of the Arts who would love product.
This is looking very interesting even for non-designers. Is there a way to export the audio recording and the transcript for editing outside of the app?
@janet_alexandersson Hi Janet, delighted to hear that non-designers think this is compelling too. Out of curiosity, what use case do you have in mind? To answer your question, you can edit the audio recording and the transcript inside of the app itself so you won't need to worry about it doing that outside of the app. As for sharing, we do allow you to share the interview with other teammates who use Cassette, but not outside of the app. We think sharing just the audio file and the transcript outside of the app undermines the power of the product. If you invite collaborators to a project, they can skip to bookmarks, highlight specific parts of the transcript or audio, add comments and search through transcripts of all interviews. Hope that clarifies it!
@preetangad @janet_alexandersson I'm sorry, but it looks to me like you're trying to lock users into your app with the usual "Nah we don't have that feature because you don't need it" only with nice wording. A simple audio file on the device is all that takes, you don't even need it as a feature inside the app, you can just tell users the path for saved audio files.
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@preetangad @janet_alexandersson This makes a compelling tool close to useless - and smells of bad business practice and an attempt to log in your user base. It didn't work for AOL in 1995, I doubt it will work for you. Evernote only yesterday posted a blog post, claiming that their success is due to their open nature. We currently use a variety of tools to record everything from briefing sessions to research, all f these allow sharing. Tools used range from audio to written note taking - Notability, Neo Lab pen, etc. I'd love to take advantage of cassette, but not if you lock in my content. You're a tool, your job is to make my life easier, not to lock me into an ecosystem.
@danr_4 @preetangad @janet_alexandersson totally agree. a nice spin on the explanation of why, but i agree: it's just locking people into the product. it's an instant reason i wouldn't use this. also, i don't really understand why it's targeting designers, as it's useful for anyone doing interviews. is there a reason for that?
@janet_alexandersson yeah, I also had this question. Being able to export is key for the research community as well
Not quite sure I understand what this is. It's a smart voice-recorder?
@guy Thanks for the comment. Cassette is an app for recording user interviews. Most designers already use voice recording during both in-person and virtual interviews. Cassette adds a lot more powerful functionality, including: - real time transcription, so you can skim or search through an interview instead of having to listen to the entire thing - one touch bookmarking, so you can revisit and share only the important moments - seamless collaboration with your entire team - and more... Hope this helps! Angad
@preetangad thanks that clears it up, it wasn't clear enough to me. Sounds great!
@guy Thanks for your support. We've just released Cassette for iOS on the App Store. We're on Product Hunt again today. Would love if you can participate in the discussion there :)
Looks Great, excellent use of Watson!
@slashbrady Thanks so much!
@slashbrady Thanks for your support. We've just released Cassette for iOS on the App Store. We're on Product Hunt again today. Would love if you can participate in the discussion there :)
As a person who does empathy interviews (literally at the all of the time, I'm SO HAPPY about this and have been toying with building something like it myself. I'm betting we have many mutual friends, Angad!
@mattahorton Matt, great to see you on here and thanks for the encouragement. Huge fan of the CCRMA and obviously share the blood in my veins. Please do tell your friends to sign up too :)