AI assistant for your email 🤖📧

Caspy is an AI Personal Assistant for your emails. It helps you foster stronger relationships with important email contacts.

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@_jacksmith, thanks a lot for hunting us! Hey Hunters 🖖 This is Sarim, one of the makers of Caspy. For the past couple of months, we have been hard at work building Caspy’s AI Powered Chrome Extension. We are so stoked to finally release it. 5 Things About Caspy: 1. Caspy analyzes your Inbox to figure out which contacts are important to you and what type of Emails you reply to. 2. No need to check your Inbox every 5 mins - Caspy will send you a notification only when you receive an Important Email. 3. You can view, snooze, ignore and mute notifications from anywhere in your browser. 4. Caspy will give you Smart Reconnect Suggestions which will enable you to bring drifting contacts closer. 5. We are different from Google Inbox - it only helps you manage Emails VS Caspy, which helps you manage your Emails and your relationships with Email contacts. Myself, with @daveshak and Arron, are here to answer all your questions. Thanks!
@sarim_haq @_jacksmith @daveshak Looks good. I'm currently using a service called Sanebox which does something very similar using folders. What does Caspy do with emails that it's been trained to ignore? Do they get archived, deleted or marked as read?
@marccrouch @sarim_haq @_jacksmith Hey Marc, when you ignore an email in Caspy, it doesn't modify your inbox in any way. In fact, privacy is really important to us so we don't ask for permission to modify your inbox. Ignoring an email recommendation does help to train the machine so in the future Caspy is less likely to think emails like that are important so you won't get notified.
@sarim_haq Hi Sarim, very interesting product!! Very keen to try it out. How long does it take to analyze an inbox though? I set mine up 24h ago and it still says 'analyzing data' - keen to see it in action! thanks!
Hey @amedeodamore, thank you so much for installing Caspy. Sorry, but we were facing some problems due to Amazon Service Outages. If your issue hasn't been fixed yet, it will be pretty soon. Thank you again for your trust and support. 👍
@sarim_haq Understood - thanks Sarim!
I literally was banging my head against the wall this morning over my flooded inbox trying to sort out what is important. Looking forward to taking Caspy for a spin!
Awesome! If only it could auto-unsubscribe me from newsletters I never read similar to how Slack suggests old channels that you never look at anymore on a weekly basis!
@d0b0 Wow, yes we have (most of) this feature in the product already! If you're receiving email from a sender that you seem to not pay attention to, we detect that and ask if you'd like Caspy to ignore/mute that contact. The next step would be for us to automatically find an unsubscribe link and open it.
@d0b0 have you seen ? Just used it for the first time last week, and now I have all of my newsletters rolled up into a digest + I'm unsubbed from the ones I don't want!
@seymourgroup I'll give it a shot, thanks for the headsup
Look good ! But I rarely use a PC. Do you plan to have an app soon ?
@yannick_veronneau Yannick, we're super happy with the way the "machine" works, our Chrome extension is only the first interface to it, we're building others. We've got a slackbot in development right now and we're pretty excited about it - it's able to notify you when important emails come in. It can also be asked for info like "what are the top important emails that need attention right now". Of course, slackbots can be accessed through the slack clients on all platforms.
I like the direction this is going, but it feels like it could be so much more. Every morning when I wake up, I delete 80% of my emails. I am left with just the ones that I need to keep in my inbox in order to have a paper trail or those that I need to response to (clients, partners, etc.). Everything else goes straight into the trash. And it is SO annoying. You order one thing from Groupon 3 years ago and they bombard you daily. I delete, delete, delete everyday. So I am wondering, how come no one created an app that goes *backward* and learns what I have *already done*? Why do I have to use some sort of UI to teach it things for new stuff all over again? A UI that will never be as good as Google's. So much data is already there, but it feels like I'd have to train these kinds of tools a second time. I would be a customer in a heartbeat if I could just install an app and all that annoying stuff just goes away tomorrow.
@nyalex Hey Alex, We feel your pain. That’s why we created Caspy. Here is what I saw when I woke up today… You can hit the ground running with Caspy, we've pre-trained Caspy on 1.2 million emails, so it has a pretty good understand of what constitutes an important email and an important contact. When you install the extension, it’ll take roughly 5 minutes for Caspy to analyze and learn from 3 months of your Inbox history. After that, it will only display important emails. The ignore button is there to make sure that if Caspy makes a mistake, we learn from it.