Don't let your startup run out of money πŸ’Έ

Cashview is a calendar that shows 30 days of expected cash flows so you don't run out of money. Use the calendar to visualize cash flow for your startup. It's simple to use on web or mobile, and there is no signup required. 😊

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    KISS is often the best way to go, but accessibility is also key. Imagine if

    you could track against another item of your choice. And, a graph of these

    stats could be cool too.....I'm just talking off the top of my head....but KISS

    is still the best nevermind lol

    Often, one piece of information we want is a small block of the whole

    infobrick and finding a way of integrating micro-info like blocks with

    just a few other strategically chosen blocks can help us visualize our

    business in a way that others can come to investors,

    and our teams. It's hard to tell a good story with the whole brick,

    but a few well integrated blocks can do wonders for our storytelling.....

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    Tell me if you find one

    I liked its simplicity

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Hey PH, If you're a founder I'm sure one issue for your startup has been cash flow...actually it might be a concern even if you're not a founder :) It sure has been for me, so last year I made Cashview to help me visualize how long my cash would last. Now I use it for multiple projects. I figured that some of you might benefit from it so here it is! Please let me know if it's helpful, and what other similar features would be valuable. πŸ™ Andrew
Also, here is a direct link to the site: (it's completely free and there is no signup required)