A smart savings platform for guilt-free luxury shopping


Cashmere is a savings platform that helps stylish millennial women save towards and buy luxury fashion guilt-free and without having to dip into their personal savings. It allows the user to save an amount monthly which goes into their Cashmere wallet and can be put towards buying their favourite luxury goods available on the Cashmere website.

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Samuel Wood
Freddie Odukomaiya
Stanley Mwangi
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  • Freddie Odukomaiya
    Freddie OdukomaiyaData Scientist | Cofounder @TheDailyKobo

    Teaches financial discipline

    Allows you to buy what you want guilt free

    UI is amazing!


    It's geared to women, I wish there was a version for men!

    Cashmere app - The social savings site for guilt-free luxury shopping

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  • Pros: 

    helps to save towards luxury items - helps to change spending on luxury items



    Defiantly something I will be recommending to friends!

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