A smart savings platform for guilt-free luxury shopping

Cashmere is a savings platform that helps stylish millennial women save towards and buy luxury fashion guilt-free and without having to dip into their personal savings. It allows the user to save an amount monthly which goes into their Cashmere wallet and can be put towards buying their favourite luxury goods available on the Cashmere website.

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Hey, Product Hunters, Urenna here 👋🏽 💡 The idea for Cashmere came about when I was out shopping with my friends and saw a pair of Christian Louboutin pumps that I instantly fell in love with. I tried them on and they were perfect until I saw the price tag 😩 I felt that impulsively spending £625 on a pair of shoes that I did not budget for was not responsible, especially considering I was building up my savings to buy a property and did not want to dip into my personal savings to buy the shoes (and I also work as a financial adviser 😅). I ended up not buying the shoes and that evening, I realised that if I had a stash of cash earmarked solely for these sort of impulsive luxury purchases, then I wouldn’t have felt guilty. 👭 This is a problem that a large number of women like me face; women who love luxury fashion but don’t feel like they have the disposable income to splurge as much as we would like due to guilt or other commitments such as saving for a mortgage, retirement, etc. 💳 Therefore, Cashmere allows the user to save an amount monthly which goes into their Cashmere wallet and can be put towards buying their favourite luxury goods available on the Cashmere website. 🛍 We have partnered up with a number of luxury retailers including Harvey Nichols, Liberty and Vestiaire Collective. 💰 When you save via Cashmere, you also earn loyalty points which can then be converted to Cashmere Credits and put towards a purchase. Also we have launched a referral programme where you can earn a £5 credit every time a friend signs up using your unique referral link. 🔐 In terms of security, Cashmere uses bank level encryption and security measures so that customer data, customer orders and payment details are held with the utmost level of security. Our payment gateway, MangoPay, employ proven real-time anti-fraud and anti-money laundering methodologies in line with European regulatory rules to keep your data and transactions safe. 🔐 For added security, we have partnered up with PixelPin, a picture authentication solution that has been designed and built by world leaders in cybersecurity, working together to make the web safer for everyone. By eliminating the inherent weaknesses of the traditional text-based format, PixelPin offers a more secure and engaging way of logging into your accounts compared to traditional passwords. 🇬🇧 Please note that Cashmere is only available in the UK. We're working hard to expand to other geographical regions!
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Great to see a product bring financial discipline to an often spontaneous behaviour, which can sometimes be irresponsible (also the case with my male friends). this is definitely what the future of spending looks like. My sisters will ❤️❤️❤️.
@mrandydavis thanks Andy! The goal is to help you 'live your best life' while also being financially responsible 😅 Interesting to see that there's been quite a lot of interest from men ever since Cashmere launched. Might be worth looking into!
Because us women are out here securing our own, managing our finances, getting our money up, whilst looking bomb! #teamsecurethebag #sorrynotsorry #boujionabudget
@debbiessw Yes! That's the mood for 2018 and beyond! Thanks for your support #TeamSecureTheBag💰👜

Cashmere app - The social savings site for guilt-free luxury shopping


Teaches financial discipline

Allows you to buy what you want guilt free

UI is amazing!


It's geared to women, I wish there was a version for men!

Loving the potential of this idea to improve savings discipline but also spend responsibly. Recommending to my friends as we speak!
@andymansmiles Thanks Andy! I'm a huge believer of finding the right balance! After all, money was created to be spent (wisely, of course)