CashCrunch Games

A fun way to learn about money

I found this fun way to learn about money. Apps to advise you what to do with money when you have it and how to avoid debts. I like the phrase in the video: "Manage your money before it manages you".
@paul_s_kemp Thank you for adding me to Product Hunt. I hope the members on here like the product and can see the value in it. As you mentioned "Manage your money before it manages you" is something that very few people do. If they do not control their spending, the amount of income earned is almost irrelevant. I read a great quote from Rockstar Finance that said "Your Paycheck is not your budget".
My teenage daughter needs this app. A great way to teach kids, or anybody really, how to budget.
@cdbeshore I hope she likes it. if you think it is of value, please share with others. We simply want to get as many people as possible playing the game. Lots of resources on the website. If you have any questions, please reach out. Thank you.
Before taking the leap and leaving the classroom, I used to teach 13 to 18 year olds and found that there was a serious disconnect between money and confidence. For a lot of students, the moment you mentioned finance, they immdediately thought of Math and their barriers went up. I had to convince them that it was indeed money that they handled it everyday. I came up with CashCrunchGames as a way of breaking down the barriers to handling money and making sure that they address the taboo that is money. After all we are taught not to talk about money. So CashCrunch101 was born and the idea is for the teenager to learn about money without them realizing that they are actually learning. After all, every teenager has an opinion!
Great to be here on Product Hunt and thank you Paul for finding us. Just to let you know that the game is available as a web based version for the PC, Mac and Chrome Book. There are also links on the website to the various App stores - Apple (iPad only) , Google, Mobango etc. I look forward to answering any questions.
Within the game there are multiple choice questions to test your knowledge.