Chatbot Monetization in Minutes

You've built a fantastic chatbot, users love it, now what? Monetizing your chat and messenger apps can be very tricky, so we built to solve the problem of chatbot monetization. Sign up, complete a profile, insert a cashbot agent into your experience then tell us where to send you the money you make. It's that easy.

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Hi Product Hunt Peeps- We’re trying to make chat monetization simple and straightforward. We’d love to get folks trying the product and share feedback and suggestions. Takes less than 2 min to get going, earn your first $1 before you’ve finished a coffee 💰💰🤖 Ask us anything. 🙏🏼 thanks!!
@peter_ryans I've integrated two weeks ago. Nice product. Simple integration. Hope FB will not start banning us ;) I would like to have a Telegram integration also.
@ramovsky Facebook is very excited about what we're doing!
Awesome idea.
@dean_fletcher Thanks! We are really trying to simplify whats been a big challenge up till now. Thanks for your support 👍
is there support for common payment gateways?
@aaronoleary Thanks for the question Aaron. As of today we do not support payments. 🙃
@aaronoleary @peter_ryans I don't understand. With "chatbot monetization" I thought of a paywall for chatbots. How do you earn money for the chatbot developers?
@fishsander Hi Sander- we provide easy to use plug ins and apis for your chatbot that once deployed place sponsored content in front of users. A user clicks and you get paid. You are 100% in control of how and when a user sees the content. If you watch the recordings you’ll see one chatbot promoting other chatbots, thats one break out use case we’re enabling as part of the mvp.
@peter_ryans Okay, that makes sense. I looked better at the video and images that you added here and I think they explain the product better than your landing page – there's no mention of the word "ad" there. Good luck!
You guys should also be able to collect some really valuable data on how the chatbot space is doing at large. I'm really curious. You should publish that data - would be great content marketing too.
@dilan great point!
Great job!! 😊 Can this be used for all the chatbots (SucH As INTERCOM, DRIFT, FRESHCHAT or just Facebook messenger ?
@ayush_chandra Hi Ayush! Thanks for your question about We don't yet support the platforms you mentioned, but will be adding new ones over the next year, prioritizing by developer interest. If you'd like to join our mailing list to stay updated on new platform integrations, you can email us at support @ with subject line "newsletter"
@ayush_chandra thats right. Today we support a half dozen messaging applications plus node.js and REST.