Casey, the UPS Bot

Track packages, find UPS locations & calculate rates

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The name is not a coincidence, is it? 🤔 (They should have named it Marlan)
@lehrjulian I was thinking that! Marlan* would have been a fantastic name.
@gregjwww ah, thought it was marvin ... edited ;)
@lehrjulian casey has indirectly promoted ups so many times on his vlog :p
This is an excellent use case for a bot, and just in time for the holidays! I've never wanted to download and install the UPS app just to track a shipment... this kind of easy convenience and focused utility across platforms makes sense this a prime example of where #ConvComm is going: connecting familiar brands to their customers through messaging (in this case, Skype, Messenger, and Alexa).
Nice! Will be interesting to see how the bot handles the holiday rush!
@anthony_stylianou I think it's big test will be resolving customer issues during the holidays (not even sure if that's an inteneded use case, but I imagine a lot of people will try). Tracking packages and quoting rates seems pretty simple and useful, but when someone is pissed that their kid won't have their gift on time for the holidays, someone is not going to want to chat with a simple IVR bot
@tombornal Couldnt agree more. We are far away from ever enabling bots to replace customer service, and when it comes to ecommerce, especially during the build up to xmas, you are bound to get annoyed customers.
Super helpful! Would be great to have this connected to my email account. I get the " UPS MyChoice" email notifications, but they get buried in my email. Just having a "Hey, your package from is arriving " would give me the info I need without having to dig up tracking numbers.
Formatting didn't take. Supposed to be: "Just having a 'hey, your package from (sender) is arriving (time)'....
Thinly veiled attempt to distract from UPS's atrocious customer support. Once customer support works smoothly the bots will follow and not vice versa.