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#3 Product of the DayOctober 10, 2016
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I wasn't planning on launching this until later this week... but another Casey bot got hunted today so I thought why not! I've been teaching myself how to build bots over the last few weeks, using Chatfuel. @joshbocanegra built SelenaBot and Christina Milian Bot - I've been saying celebs are the best use-case for bots for while and I just got what Josh was building! I wanted to dive in too, so I did. This is one of 6 bots I have made - Keep your eyes peeled for the others! (I have a medium draft in progress) I went with more of a light-weight app approach rather than actual text based... if Google can't get an AI convo right then I'm not interested in delivering a sub-par conversational approach to users. I'd rather users be able to tap away and glide through with ease. I think this bot shows as a decent template for a good experience (IMO!) - and I'll be copying it for others too. P.s. My favourite part is the "Ask Me Stuff" - I hadn't added it until this weekend. I felt the bot was pretty much done but something was missing...I added it and thought 'that was what was missing!' - let me know what you think
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@bentossell - Keep up the great work Ben..:) Looks like a fun bot to play with.
@bentossell this is awesome!
@omaral thanks man
@bentossell @joshbocanegra been playing with this. its awesome man!
This seems like a good place to add my favorite @CaseyNeistat GIF 🙃
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@nivo0o0 @caseyneistat wonder if I could add a GIF section on the bot...
@bentossell @nivo0o0 @caseyneistat yes and add his links to his video too.
@stringstory @nivo0o0 @caseyneistat there already are links to his videos
@bentossell @nivo0o0 @caseyneistat goes back and plays with it more *
Two Casey Neistat bots on the front page :/ I remember when Product Hunt posted interesting products.
@delahuntagram community posts and upvotes products they find interesting. you may not find same things interesting as others.
@bentossell I wouldn't agree I think certain products get more votes because of the person who is posting has klout.
@bentossell @delahuntagram I agree PH is a bag of shit these days
@originalcathal @bentossell A bag of shit that's on fire and left outside my front door.
✨ Woot! Congrats on pushing this out, Ben! Loved playing around with this when I saw it last week. I was beyond surprised at how fluid everything seemed and loved how genuine the answers felt. A mix of a convo with fireside chat. I imagine it could be pretty nifty to have bands/artists automatically message folks (who have requested it) when they're on tour in or around their city. Or follow up when there's an answer to a requested question that wasn’t available before. Among many many other possibilities. This is pretty rad and can't wait to see where it goes.
@imcatnoone Thanks Cat - yeah I thought the format was cool when I was putting it together, a few iterations got it to where it is right now. Oh definitely there is a lot of diff options that could work well in this space I think :)
@bentossell @imcatnoone #batterylowbot is next!
@erictwillis @imcatnoone OMG why havent I built this yet Input "Has Cat got low battery?" Output "Always"
@erictwillis 😑 cuuuuttteee.
Absolutely love this, nice work Ben as always!
@harrystebbings cheers dude!