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I have a Casetify case for my HTC One M8. I'm going to switch for an iPhone 7 this week. I'll take a look on your store (pretty good artists on it) or I'll use the custom option if I don't find the good one. Nice product anyway!
@romaindierckx hey! thanks for the support + feedback :)
Here is a bit of background about Casetify: Casetify is a lifestyle fashion brand ignited by the beauty from a category that has long been neglected. Founded in 2011, Casetify (formerly Casetagram) is the world’s first social design platform to make custom cases for phones, tablets and Apple Watch bands using social images. Focused on delivering self-expression and individuality. Express your style without the rules. Shoot it. Place it. Case it.
This is the case to get if you want something stylish and practical. Great protection and design.
@thomaspun @matthewgold I second that. Dropped by iPhone for the 11th time now and it's still in perfect working condition thanks to Casetify's cases! Love them!
Toughest. The word would be toughest