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Thanks for posting, looking forward to get the emails. I thought about building something like this but for marketing email campaigns. Sourcing marketing emails from startups by entering 10 different email addresses and understand how they A/B test each email. Should be fairly simple to build, and would give a database of great vs poor emails. Keep that up for a couple of years and see which startups that fail and who succeed. Imagine having the content of the whole marketing history of e.g. Snapchat and posting that at IPO day. You could build that.
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@joacimwe Thanks :) Sounds like a great idea! Something like https://www.producthunt.com/post... ?
@janwennesland well kind of but more advanced :)
Nice idea - look forward to receiving the emails.
@donnamkennett Thank you, glad you like it!
@janwennesland What improvements make this version 2.0?
@thinker there are plenty. To keep it short; new design with CMS and automation. Old one was hardcoded and a pain to maintain.
First thing in a while I actually wanted to subscribe to.
@elliottgolden That's awesome, thank you.
I can't find an rss feed. Please help!
@janwennesland The internet gods of answered my prayer. My brain runs on coffee and rss. Thank you!