Case Study Club 2.0

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Joacim Westlund
@joacimwe · I dream of shortcuts.
Thanks for posting, looking forward to get the emails. I thought about building something like this but for marketing email campaigns. Sourcing marketing emails from startups by entering 10 different email addresses and understand how they A/B test each email. Should be fairly simple to build, and would give a database of great vs poor emails. Keep that up … See more
Donna Kennett
@donnamkennett · Marketing Founder at Suggest It
Nice idea - look forward to receiving the emails.
Nick Frost
@thinker · Newsletter Editor/Marketing @ Mattermark
@janwennesland What improvements make this version 2.0?
Elliott Golden
@elliottgolden · Product Designer
First thing in a while I actually wanted to subscribe to.
I can't find an rss feed. Please help!